Act 235 Certification is required in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to carry a firearm on duty if you work security, or as a bodyguard or private investigator. To become certified, candidates are required to pass a psychological examination. For this exam, you should choose a PA Licensed Psychologist who understands the requirements for carrying a firearm and other weapons on duty. Dr. Bruce Eimer is a PA Licensed Psychologist, NRA Certified Police Firearms Instructor, PA State Police Certified Lethal Weapons Instructor, and an PA Act 235 Certified Agent. He's the right psychologist to perform your psychological exam.

While you are at his office to take your psychological exam and MMPI-2, you can also get your required Physical Exam done by our medical doctor, Gary Salzman, D.O. And, for your convenience, you can also get your fingerprints done at the same time!

Last but not least, Dr. Eimer will also direct you to the best Act 235 training school in Pennsylvania so that you can earn your Act 235 Certification and get a strong education as you do. Don't go it alone. Start your Act 235 Certification process here.

Get Act 235 Certified Here

Or call Dr. Eimer directly at (215) 947-7867

Step 1: Psychological Exam

Your journey to becoming Act 235 certified begins here! Start the process by getting your psychological exam done by Dr. Bruce Eimer. Bruce is a firearms-friendly psychologist specializing in Act 235. Make an appointment. You'll take the computer scored MMPI-2 test, have your interview, and your form will be filled out. When you leave, your report will be completed. Instant turnaround!

Step 2: Physical Exam

Whom you select to conduct your physical exam is important. You want to choose a medical doctor who understands the requirements of security professionals. And you want someone who knows Act 235. When you take your Act 235 Psychological Exam and MMPI-2 at our office, you can also get your Physical Exam done by our Medical Doctor, Gary Salzman, D.O., who can certify you as physically ready for duty.

Step 3: Fingerprints

When you get your Psychological and Physical Exams at Dr. Eimer's office, you can also conveniently get your Fingerprints done that very same day. There's no waiting and no traveling to another location. We have FingerprintsNow at our exam sessions, and they're ready to help you. FingerprintsNow is a PA State Police Lethal Weapons Approved Cogent finger printer.

Step 4: Act 235 Training

We firmly believe that Law Enforcement And Security Officers Training Academy (LEASOT) is the best MPOETC Certified Act 235 Professional Security School in the state of Pennsylvania. At LEASOT, you will receive the excellent training you need to stay safe on the job. Plus, LEASOT has a proven track record of turning out qualified security professionals who get good jobs. You're not alone - we're here to help!

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