The Pa State Police Lethal Weapons Training Program administers the Act 235 Certification process. If you work security, or you’re a bodyguard or PI and need to be armed, you must become Act 235 Certified. The first step is to pass a psychological exam. Choose a PA Licensed Psychologist who understands the requirements for carrying a firearm and other weapons on duty. Dr. Bruce Eimer is a PA Licensed Psychologist, NRA Certified Police Firearms Instructor, PA Certified Lethal Weapons Instructor, and an Act 235 Certified Agent. He’s the psychologist to conduct your psychological exam. He understands the responsibility of carrying a firearm.

Let Dr. Eimer Guide You Through The Entire Process
While Dr. Eimer administers your MMPI and conducts your psychological exam, he'll guide you through the entire 4 step process outlined below. He can refer you to a PA Licensed Physician experienced in Act 235. He'll provide you with the PA State Police paperwork and instructions for submitting it. And he'll direct you to an Act 235 training facility that can get you certified. Don't go it alone - start the certification process here.

Get Act 235 Certified Here

Or call Dr. Eimer directly at (215) 947-7867

Step 1: Psychological Exam

Start the process by getting your psychological exam done by Dr. Eimer. He’s a firearms-friendly psychologist specializing in Act 235. Make an appointment. You'll take the computer scored MMPI test, have your interview, and your form will be filled out. You’ll leave with your report. Instant turnaround!

Step 2: Physical Exam

Whom you choose to conduct your physical examination is important. You want to select a medical doctor who understands the requirements of security professionals and who knows Act 235. Dr. Eimer can refer you to a licensed physician who will get your exam done and certify you as ready for duty.

Step 3: State Pollice

While Dr. Eimer conducts your psychological exam, unlike other psychologists, he'll also provide you with all the paperwork you'll need to take to the PA state police. He'll also give you instructions to help ensure that your application process with the state police goes off smoothly, without a hitch.

Step 4: Act 235 Training

As an NRA certified firearms instructor for both civilians and law enforcement, Dr. Eimer knows the local firearms training community. He can direct you to an Act 235 training facility with a proven track record of turning out qualified security professionals. You're not going it alone - we're here to help!

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